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In addressing these, libraries must look for opportunities to increase efficiency and recognize that sometimes the shipment of items can be part of the larger campus shipping mechanism. For 集運 , in the part of the library where the physical transactions are handled, there may be a process where the items are sent to another area of the building or maybe even the campus to have the item shipped. The point of shipment is where the interlibrary loan unit has the most to gain from a logistical assessment.


At this point, additional plants may be established, each of which may be focused on a portion of the product line. Logistics networks become more complicated, often involving the operation of large numbers of market-oriented warehouses to minimize the cost of delivering small orders. Product-line extensions and customer orders of increasing size may, at some point, permit the mixing of carload and truckload orders at locations intermediate to plants and markets through the use of distribution centers, such as those established by General Foods. For the most part, consolidation involves practices that encourage the simultaneous storage, long-haul transportation, or delivery of two or more products or orders to achieve economies of scale.

Areas to Get Started With Business Logistics

One can either work in a pure logistics company, such as a shipping line, airport, or freight forwarder, or within the logistics department of a company. However, as mentioned above, logistics is a broad field, encompassing procurement, production, distribution, and disposal activities. ] in the industry is the 4PL, or fourth-party logistics, firms, consulting companies offering logistics services. Distribution centers for order processing and order fulfillment and also for receiving returning items from clients. Typically, distribution centers are way stations for products to be disbursed further down the supply chain. They usually do not ship inventory directly to customers, whereas fulfillment centers do.

11.2 Logistics

Your warehouse management strategy should focus on making wise use of space so that goods are handled efficiently while keeping square footage and maintenance costs as low as possible. Tracking to ensure receipt and that shipped items were delivered to the right address are essential parts of logistics management.A package that is never received and must be replaced costs a company twice—and damages the customer relationship. Logistics management enables companies to reduce overhead in areas from cutting shipping costs to shrinking how much warehouse space they need by proactively controlling inventory levels. Given that the movement of goods is what drives cash flow, it stands to reason that managing that movement—logistics management—is a core business concern. Indeed, logistics management impacts a company’s bottom line for better or worse. If the arguments for the systematic consideration of logistics in formulating corporate strategy in a healthy company primarily serving domestic markets are not sufficiently appealing, there are compelling reasons for considering them more seriously in the future.

Logistical considerations have always played a strategic role in business. Among retailers and wholesalers, they transcend inventory management and transportation to include one of the most critical factors in business success—location in relation to markets or sources of supply. Among manufacturers, logistics concerns itself with matters as basic as plant location, sourcing of raw materials, and standards of customer service. In recent years, changes in the business environment have forced companies both large and small to pay particularly close attention to how this function relates to others. Government regulation, the health of the nation’s transportation system, energy restrictions, and technological developments all represent important considerations in the formulation of a business strategy.

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