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The quantity of financial and insurance trade magazine publications increases yearly. Broker World Magazine remains the premier insurance news  magazine for independent brokers. See why independent brokers are loyal to Broker World insurance magazine for leading content news in the insurance and financial industry trades.BREAKING NEWS NEW - YouTube

Some trade magazines are devoted to members of a certain insurance or financial association, thereby biasing details presented to conform to association ideals. Other news journals are devoted to a certain segment of the insurance sales market, or promote sophisticated financial principles to both regular agents and independent brokers. Broker World is ideally designed for all brokers and mainly supported by the advertising of brokerage orientated insurance companies and independent marketing organizations.

AGENTS Typically, captive to one insurer, agent turnover is a major concern. Since only 7 out of 100 agents reach their fourth anniversary, some then become professional enough to broker. Therefore, the Broker World magazine phrase of ideas for life and health professionals holds true meaning.

BROKERS This is a licensed agent who at least occasionally places business outside of one main insurer. These producers who currently number 480,000 in the United States could be further divided into two groups. Semi-independent agents are representatives under contract with a main company, yet place cases with one or more other providers.

Independent brokers decide to represent often up to a dozen insurance companies, have their own office space, and rely 100% on their personal selling abilities. Insurance brokers like those subscribing to Broker World Magazine, average 7.6 years experience and commonly are contracted with four total insurance and financial companies.

ADVISORS Until the average industry experience level of 4.3 years is bypassed, not enough knowledge or selling skills are obtained to proclaim yourself a financial advisor or insurance expert. There is one association that labels newbie insurance agents trainees as financial advisors. This same association points its news information to promote captive career agent/advisors to stay strictly with one company. Yet their advertisers differently change the concept within the ad messages. The advertising entices agents to look at brokerage style offers extensively. No wonder why career agents that endure, prefer becoming brokers.

BROKER WORLD This monthly trade magazine supports the brokerage concept from the onset. Cathy Fritz, the associate editor, has ensured advertisers that their subscribers are mainly brokers. Whereas the association magazine, one of its competitors, has five times the news recipients and not many more brokers. Company and independent brokerage firms are often unknowingly hitting a small fraction of the intended broker audience.

NEWS CONTENT What is inside the guts of the competing magazines other than an overload of ads? All fail by catering too much to prominent company leaders as being information gurus. To be fair to Broker World, there is name and picture emphasis given to brokerage group members. Still missing from all is what the brokers really want. They want and need practical tips, tricks, hints, and new ideas, from slightly above average producers where income increases of 20% annually may occur.

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