Finding Unclaimed Hidden College Scholarships

Where to find unclaimed scholarships

There are many ways that one can find an unclaimed scholarships scholarship. Some of them are as simple as going to a website of a local store you support like Stop & Shop or Big Y or a franchise like McDonalds or Taco Bell. These organizations all offer scholarships to both their customers and employees. However many people searching for college funding don’t realize that these scholarships even exist. And thats not even the bad part. The bad part is the advertising for these offers. These corporations do very little to advertise their college funding that they provide. Have you ever seen a Best Buy commercial talking about the latest Digital Camera, then mentioning how to apply for a scholarship? Exactly neither have I.


  • Scholarship Searches
  • Scholarship Books
  • News Papers
  • Websites


In regards to scholarship searches there are quite a few of them. Just make sure you use well known scholarship searches. You can see the recommendations at the source. Scholarship books are widely available for purchase but some of these books contain information that you may find for free online. Also you can go to Borders or Barnes and Nobles and skim through some scholarship books to try it before you buy. Newspapers are a very unpopular source for scholarships and grants. They are sometimes listed in the classifieds or spread out throughout the newspaper in the form of ads. Websites well as you may already know in the millions. But be wary of websites that ask for your personal information including email addresses because you don’t want to get tricked into receiving unsolicited emails.

What are unclaimed scholarships

There is no mystery or hidden meaning, an unclaimed scholarship is a scholarship that nobody received. Either they didn’t apply for it or their entries/applications wasn’t good enough. But most of the time it is because people didn’t know about the scholarship. The best way you can prevent scholarships from going unclaimed is by telling people. Like many articles and blogs do; spread the word. Let people know about new scholarships that you have found out about, how you found out about them and where to apply for them. Especially if you don’t meet the criteria or requirements for a scholarship tell a friend that may meet the requirements. This starts the process of good karma you tell a friend about a scholarship offer that they can apply for and down the road someone tells you and this cycle keeps going. Anyhow when apply for scholarships find scholarships that have low competition meaning scholarships that you may have found in a book in the back of the library somewhere or an unpopular book at borders. This is why you shouldn’t just rely on a single scholarship search. Because many other students will rely on that scholarship search as well. And you want to set yourself aside from the “scholarship competition.” Good Luck!

As an educator I feel it is my duty to help educate students on finding scholarships. I do this by describing proven methods that I have used myself. I am currently on a Graduate Scholarship to Saint Josephs College. Finding a scholarship is easy if done correctly!


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