Four Tips To Surviving Movie Marathons

There are a lot of reasons why people do movie marathons – some choose to use it as an opportunity to bond with their friends. Others like the idea that they can relax and stay lazy on the couch during their off days and enjoy their most-loved flicks. There are those who want to catch up on the lost time when they missed watching the latest movies in the big screen. And then, there are those who just love the exciting and exhilarating feeling it brings when they spend twelve hours straight glued to the TV as they give a part of themselves to the movie world.

How To Last A Movie Marathon

Here are a few tips on how to survive such marathon.

1. Plan the activity. It takes a little planning and preparation to make the experience fun and memorable.

• Who. Will you be alone or will you invite someone else? Determine the number of people who will be there.

• When. What day do you have in mind and approximately how much free time do you have? Will it be a daytime or an overnight thing? Do remember that it can be quite an exhausting activity so schedule it when you don’t have any commitment the following day.

• How long. How many films do you intend to see? It should be a minimum of two else it will not be considered as a marathon.


• What. What exactly do you want to watch? Choose a theme – will you pick a series such as Star Wars, The Matrix or Harry Potter? Will you opt for Philippine movies like last year’s MMFF entries, for example? Or will you stick to genres like all chick flick and all action or will you go by your favorite actor/actress like Bruce Willis or Angelina Jolie?

• Where. It should be in a place wherein you can laugh, cry or scream when you need to. If you’re with company, have it in a room that is big enough to accommodate all guests.

2. Get the food and drinks ready. Be it popcorn, potato chips, sodas, or pizza, make sure that you have them on stock just before the activity begins. Try having your house help prepare a real meal in case it will be in between lunch or dinner.

3. Get comfy. Include pillows or blankets just enough to make everyone comfortable. Beware of putting too much or you’ll encourage a slumber party instead.

4. Have breaks. After three or four films, consider having a longer break (perhaps 15 to 20 minutes) just so you can stretch muscles and socialize. This is a certified trick to prevent the participants from being bored.

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