How to Host a Candy Themed Party

The word “candy” is powerful enough to excite kids like Santa on Christmas morning and take adults back to their carefree childhood memories. best gummies to sleep Even the most health conscious people have a weakness in their hearts for some type of candy. Some may love chocolate, while for others, gummy bears are the sweets they can’t resist. With sweets being the ultimate comfort food for people of all ages, it’s no wonder that candy themed parties for both children and adults have become increasingly popular these last few years.

Candy themed parties can be easily hosted at home by incorporating a wide variety of candy-themed activities, games and refreshments. For children, how you plan a candy themed shindig is mostly based on the ages of the kids attending. For small children, parties should be simpler in décor and the amount of skill required for games and activities. Parents of kids of any age can start out by setting the tone for their gathering by sending out candy themed or candy decorated invitations. The next step is to use candy themed supplies like balloons, decorations, plates and cups. Once these basics are set up, it is time for the fun part of the planning.

A major part of any successful kids’ parties are the games and activities that will keep children entertained. Candy and dessert themed crafts are a great way to differentiate from traditional staples like pin-the-tail on-the-donkey and Simon Says. Kids as young as 3 years old can partake in a wide variety of fun stuff that will let them personalize their own edible creations. With Sugar Cookie Decorating, children can break out the frosting and candies and pretend to be a great pastry chef as they design their own cookie. best gummies to sleep

Chocolate Sculptures is another popular activity that kids as young as 3 can enjoy even though it sounds more complex than it really is. Children just pick a sculpture that catches their fancy and then create their own masterpiece with candy, sprinkles and frosting.

For kids who prefer a giant wad of chewing gum to chocolate, Gumball Machine Decorating lets them give a machine a makeover with markers and edible decorations, plus a complimentary bag of gumballs to get that machine truly rolling.

For children who are a bit older at 5 and over, the crafts get a little more intensive, with activities like Candy Jewelry and Sugar Art. Little girls with a sweet tooth who are also aspiring fashionistas will adore making Candy Jewelry, as it combines the best of both worlds. Kids get to create their own bracelet or necklace made entirely of edible beads and charms for a piece that not only looks greats but tastes great too.

Another fun choice for kids over 5 years old is Sugar Art. Children get to pick their own vessel then fill it with over 10 choices of colored sugar, creating pretty and edible layers as they go.

Kids over 7 years old have even more craft options to choose from, as they can decorate Picture Frames, Masks, Crowns or Door Hangers with various forms of candy to make their own unique design. They can also recreate cool images with the sweet stuff by making their own Candy Mosaic.

Once the crafts are done, it is time for Candy-themed games for some good old-fashioned birthday party fun. For kids ages 3 and up, Licorice Limbo and Candy Bingo are sweet updates on classic party games that are even more fun with a sugar rush.

Children ages 5 and over have even more choices of games that make use of physical, mental, and Kobayashi-esque eating skills. On the physical side is the Jawbreaker Relay, where teams relay race with a 1-pound jawbreaker. Meanwhile, Candymonium is a combined treasure hunt and candy relay race all in one.

On the mental side is the Estimation Bowl, where children must guess the amount of candy the bowl contains.

Finally, though not exactly physical or mental, the Licorice Race is also popular, as teams race to eat an extra long piece of licorice. Could the future Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Champ be in training at your shindig?

Kids over 8 years old also have some great age-appropriate games to play at candy themed parties. Musical Dares is an updated twist on musical chairs but with a dare to eat a gross candy if left chairless. There are also the games Name that Candy, a Warhead Contest and an Atomic Fireball Contest.

Once the crafts are completed and the games have been played, it is time to bring on the sweet treats. Sure, there is the traditional birthday cake and ice cream, but parents who want their child’s birthday party to be the one the kids will talk about all year long can take things up a notch with something really special. Carnival style cotton candy or vintage popcorn machines are always popular options to add some nostalgia to any party. Or, for a more Willy Wonka themed take, a Chocolate Waterfall provides a multi-tiered magical chocolate river of dark, milk or Belgian varieties for guests to dip pretzels or marshmallow skewers in.

Parents who want a more traditional dessert element for their candy themed party have some excellent choices with a Dessert Buffet of rice krispy treats, cupcakes, cookies, brownies and fudge, or an Ice Cream Sundae Bar, where guests can create their own sundaes. They can also opt to have a Candy Bar on the Go where guests can mix and match their favorites for a party favor that everyone will love.

Candy themed parties are simple to plan and even easier to host, as no matter what a person’s age is, the appeal of the sweet stuff is universal. All is takes is a little Willy Wonka-like imagination to put together a candy themed party that will be a hit with guests young and old.

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