Kindle Comes To The Libraries!

I may be biased as a librarian, but I was really excited to see that Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is going to introduce a Kindle Library Lending program later this year. The precise date of launching the program is not yet available to e-book readers. It means that Amazon Kindle users will be able to read e-books from the libraries. That should increase the circulation of e-books in the US libraries.

According to the press release, Kindle e-books will be available on all Kindle platforms: Blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc… The cool part is that if you want to check a book out again, or purchase it from Amazon later, you can keep your notes or annotations. This is helpful because with regular library books, you can’t make notes in them. They have to be preserved for future use.

Amazon will team up with OverDrive, a digital content provider to bring Kindle e-books to 11,000 libraries nationwide. This includes both public and academic libraries. Kindle e-books in academic and school libraries might give a boost in using Kindles for education. controlled digital lending

I think that Kindle e-book lending in libraries will reshape the concept of library. In the past, libraries were seen as these quiet places full of dusty books. Now, with the Kindle, libraries become a major part of the e-book revolution. So, libraries will never go out of style, they’ll just reinvent their image. They are already reinventing themselves with social media and other technologies. The Kindle e-book lending program will be a natural addition.

Kindle e-books also reach out beyond the library. Patrons can check out books on the go or in the comfort of their own home without having to step foot in a library.

Kindle e-books will also provide more widespread access to those who may not be able to get to a library, or who have special needs that require accommodations such as audio or large print materials. No more bulky large print books! If you want to borrow a publication, you should only be the member of your local library, and then you can download the title of the needed publication from the website of that library. This title will be removed automatically in a designated time.

By adding the library lending program and the peer lending program, it shows that Amazon is really listening to its customers. These two features are something many Kindle users have been waiting for a long time.

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