PlayStation Phone and PSP 2

Everyone who has been part of the video games industry, or got involved with them whether it was by reading about video games, buying video games for their children, or enjoying video games themselves know that there is one big giant in this industry, which goes by the name of Sony. Sony is among the biggest names when it comes to video games, and still today PlayStation 3 created by Sony is the most powerful and brilliant video game console of its kind today.

There has been a major secrecy among a few of Sony’s latest yet to be released projects which is the PlayStation Phone and PSP 2 or PlayStation Portable 2. A lot of talk has given towards both of these so popular yet to be released PlayStation devices, because of its popular community waiting so anxiously to what could become the next revolutionary phone and portable gaming device. Let’s talk a little about both of these beauties.

PlayStation Phone, in 2009 was talked about by a few sources but then the subject simply ended up being forgotten, to later in 2010 be brought up again and mentioned about some of Sony’s own employees. This time a few website were able to come up with picture of what could be considered a prototype of the original phone which had maybe a release date expected for the end of 2010, while 2010 ended nothing was released but pictures of the new PlayStation Phone or PlayStation Portable phone, also know as the PSP Phone were found in some websites, showing it’s nice sleek and unique beauty! With two cameras one in the front and one in the back! Just a beauty!

PSP 2 known as the PlayStation Portable 2, is expected to be released game stop near me  also around the year of 2011 after it’s predecessor the PSP. Promising to deliver a more beautiful unique design and style. With smoother buttons and a HD screen. We all know that a lot can be expected from Sony as their primary reason is to maintain their competitiveness in this market, as they face big giants like Apple and Nintendo releasing portable devices which go beyond a normal human’s expectations. Though PlayStation Portable 2 will maintain the same quality from the older version and surely it’s uniqueness in gaming creativity and graphics style, things that both Nintendo and Apple can’t compete with their devices.

Among all Sony will still be a strong market competitor in the Video gaming industry, ups and downs will always be around to simply remind us that, competition is good, but winning brings way more benefits.


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