What Are the Effects of Smoking Weed?

Weed is one of the most dangerous drugs that have ever been used in the world. It is known by more than 200 names. Weed is often referred as marijuana. It was cultivated about 2000 years ago. In weed, there are more than 400 dangerous chemicals. When you smoke weed, you will feel unable to concentrate. Because you cannot concentrate, you are not fit to drive a car. You will start to hallucinate in your mind. The effects of smoking weed are therefore many.

The stronger the THC content in the weed, the more disturbing the reactions will be. THC is a kind of fat soluble substance, which will accumulate in the body. It will accumulate in the important organs of the body including liver, testes and lungs. Some of the THC content will be accumulated in the urine. gras online kaufen The THC test is usually performed after three days the person consumed the weed. If a blood test is performed, it will take 2 – 4 weeks for it to appear.

Most of the side effects of smoking weed are short-term. The side effects of marijuana will diminish within 3 hours. According to research, marijuana will cause the person to become retarded. Marijuana reduces the ability of the person’s brain to absorb the information. The individual will not be able to concentrate and take in data for at least 24 hours. The research shows that marijuana users have short-term memory so they have poor mathematic and verbal skills. If an individual continue to use marijuana for many years, he will suffer from complete loss of his intellectual capability. This is because the chemicals in marijuana had caused damages to the portions of the brains that contribute to the learning ability of the person.

Besides, marijuana smokers are subjected to many health problems. Health problems that are related to marijuana smoking include chest pain, bronchitis, emphysema, mouth cancer, lung cancer and etc. Smoking marijuana will weaken the immune system of the body. When your body immune system is weak, it won’t be able to fight with diseases effectively.

Marijuana will cause hormone irregularity in young people. Consumption of marijuana will cause the individual to experience slower puberty. Male smokers will be less fertile and have lesser sperm production. Women will experience disruptions in their menstrual cycles. Pregnant mothers that smoke marijuana will give birth to babies with deformations or lower weights. Many researches also show that the baby will have developmental delays. Once an addict grasps fully the devastating effects of smoking weed, chances are high for the person to quit.

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