When Should a Girl Start Calling a Guy After a Date – Find a Genuine Excuse to Call or Else Wait

This depends entirely on the girl herself and the understanding at the time of parting. Sometimes the guy tells you that he will call leaving the option to himself. Consider different options and then call girls in islamabad choose the one that suits you best.

Call to thank him

It’s perfect to call after a date and thank him for the lovely evening in spite of doing so while parting. But if he mentions that he will call you then keep the thank you call very brief. Obviously he’s left the option to himself by mentioning he’d call.

A text message

If he’s insisted he will call, yet you’d like to thank him, then let it be a text message only. You should not insist on speaking with him just to thank him. It’s best to leave him to pursue you and not the other way round.

Give him time

He may respond to your text message or converse with you happily when you call and mention meeting again sometime. Well you know his intention. But what if he does not respond or call for quite sometime be advised that panic is not the answer. Give it time.

Leave him to chase you

If you really liked him then leave the chasing game to him and sit back comfortably. If he too wants you and he finds that you are not pursuing him then he will certainly pursue you. Remember guys love the chasing game in any case.

Make a friendly call

If he has not called for whatever the reason, then you could call him more as a by the way call to ask him how he’s doing. The call should be more of a friend to friend kind and not an intimate or probing call to find out if he liked you or when you’d meet again.

Maintain your dignity

By not pursuing him you will definitely maintain your dignity and prestige. When he sees this he will rethink matters and consider calling you. Men like that little difficult to get kind of girl whom he’d like to pursue. So maintain your dignity and distance.

Your inside will prompt you

Listen to your inner voice and if it tells you he’s a real wonderful guy then do go ahead and call, but without getting down on your knees. Or else just walk away from him if he is not the responding type because that is a sure indication that he is not interested. You’ll find the right guy soon enough.


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