Your Aesthetic Practice is Dependent on Excellent Staff

Help Your Staff Help You Promote Your Aesthetic Services

Building a good relationship with your cosmetic patients is a must. That patient-doctor bond should be one of your main priorities. But did you know that your staff is also responsible for your good rapport with your aesthetic patients? If you think they don’t have time to relate to patients and enhance communication, that’s not going to lead to existing patient satisfaction or bring in new ones. If you say to yourself, “My staff is going to have a good relationship with my patients, no matter what,” it will happen. You just need to believe it. Because patients need to be treated first as human beings and second as patients, your staff needs to get to know them better. They should make them feel comfortable each time they get in touch – be it by phone, email or in person. Communicating on a personal level is the key to promoting your aesthetic services.

Now, more than ever during these shaky times, an aesthetic practice needs to deliver the best patient services. No patient should walk away feeling that their needs or inquiries were not fully addressed. And no prospective patient should come to the receptionist desk only to be met by an unfriendly face or a hand gesturing them to sit still in the waiting room. And no long term patient who comes for another procedure should be made to wait too long or to be treated the same as a first-time visitor.

What I’ve Learned from Interviews with Aesthetic Patients

But why is it so important that your staff have a good relationship with your patients? Here are a few reasons that I discovered during my many interviews with cosmetic surgery patients and aesthetic practice staff:

– patients are more likely to submit to cosmetic surgery procedures if they get educational advice from practice staff
– staff will promote your aesthetic services better to those patients with whom they’ve established a certain bond
– staff can bring you new patients if they’re encouraged or asked to refer
– staff will appreciate if you engage them in the success of your practice
– cosmetic patients will benefit both from your attention and from your staff’s care and understanding
– by enhancing patient-staff CISCO STAFF communication, patients have a sense of relating to staff on a personal level

Methods to Engage Your Staff to Promote Cosmetic Procedures

Enhancing communication with your cosmetic patients is vital. It can turn your existing patients into long term clients and bring in new patients as well. In today’s tighter economic climate, time is at a premium, as is money, and that means you need to be selling yourself and your services. If you and your employees dislike the word “sell,” replace it with “educate.” Remember, you’re not selling aesthetic services, you’re educating your cosmetic patients and building a better rapport with them. Here are a few methods to engage your staff in promoting your aesthetic services:

Offer Staff Incentives

Give your staff complimentary aesthetic procedures and offer incentives for each new patient/procedure they bring in. That way, they’ll feel they’re part of your success.

Train Your Aesthetic Staff to be Rock Stars

Whether they’re new or old to your team, your employees need a training program related to customer service. The most important exercise that your personnel can do is to put themselves in a patient’s shoes and experience your service from the other side. That way, any success is defined by what’s important to patient, not what’s important to you and your staff. Engage your staff in role playing, asking them to step outside of their professional role and act as if they were patients themselves. You can do this process yourself, or delegate it to a senior employee or professional trainer.


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